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LWS: One of the Best Payroll Services Companies in Springfield, Ohio

If you’re a business owner, it’s in your best interest to keep your employees content. And a happy employee is one that’s paid correctly and on time. To make sure that happens, you need a professional team handling your financial needs. With a number of payroll services companies in Springfield, Ohio, it’s hard to know which is best for your business.

You need a firm that’s versatile, transparent, timely, accurate, and especially good looking. Alright, maybe not that last one…

At LWS, we manage payroll for a wide range of company sizes, from one to one hundred. Being accountants by trade, attention to detail is in our DNA.

Our payroll services include:

  • – Payroll
  • – Quarterly Payroll Tax Filings
  • – W2’s for Employees
  • – 1099’s for Contractors
  • – Direct Deposit
  • – Payroll Delivery
  • – Electronic Reporting

Our payroll services are fair and affordable. We don’t sneak in hidden costs or tack on additional expenses. You’ll know upfront what we’re charging and what level of service you will receive.

Speaking of service levels, your payroll needs may be small now, but as you grow bigger, they’re guaranteed to grow with you. There will be additional contractors, invoices, employees, and more. Our services are flexible, capable of growing with your business.

We believe in working with our clients in whatever way they’re most comfortable, catering our level of service to your needs.

Of course, we offer a lot more than you might expect from other payroll services companies in Springfield, Ohio. As a tax and accounting firm, we’re capable of providing financial guidance, tax preparation for business or personal needs, general accounting services, and controllership if needed.

Did we mention we like to have fun? We know that accounting is about as exciting as dental floss (unflavored, not mint), which is why we strive to inject a little personality. What’s the point of doing business if you’re not enjoying it a little?

One meeting with our team, and you’ll realize we’re not just another one of the payroll services companies in Springfield, Ohio. Give us a call for more information or contact us to request a quote. We look forward to meeting with you.

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