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Count on LWS for Easy Tax Preparation in Dayton and Springfield, Ohio

tax preparation ohioMost people have a few rather choice words about preparing and paying their taxes. While we won’t repeat some of the things that we’ve heard, we do have some tax-related advice:

Stop doing them.

Now, before you go and get yourself in trouble with the IRS, let us clarify that statement. We don’t mean that you should stop paying your taxes, we simply mean that you should do away with the painful chore of preparing them yourself.

At LWS Tax and Accounting Services, we offer tax preparation in Dayton, Ohio and tax preparation in Springfield, Ohio. Even if you live in one of the surrounding areas, we’ll take care of your taxes, as well.

Why Would We Bring This Pain Down Upon Ourselves?

Some people call us crazy, other people call us accounting geniuses. No matter what title you choose to give us, one thing is for sure:

We actually enjoy doing your taxes.

Whether you have a small business or a large family, we will make sure that your taxes are done right, submitted on time and yield you the greatest return possible. For years, our team at LWS have been happy to offer tax preparation in Dayton, Ohio and tax preparation in Springfield, Ohio.

But that’s not all we do.

Expert Advice, Whenever You Need it

At LWS, we are more than mere tax preparation specialists, we are also financial advisors who are always there when you need sound advice on the decisions that can impact your financial future.

Are you a business owner who is faced with a crucial financial decision? Did you recently get married and are wondering whether you should file joint or separate returns? At LWS, we are always ready to advise you on the key financial decisions that could save you a ton of money every year.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get a sizable return rather than owing on Tax Day? At LWS, we can make that happen.

Don’t Get Lost in the Tax Code

If you are concerned about making a mistake when doing your taxes, you can always reference the IRS’s federal tax code to find the solution. It’s only 74,608 pages long, and that’s not even including the Ohio state tax code.

When it comes to doing your taxes, one small mistake can become a very large headache. It’s one of the only processes in the world where perfect is good enough. No one wants to be the subject of a long and painful audit that can end up costing even more money. That’s why those who are seeking tax preparation in Dayton, Ohio and tax preparation in Springfield, Ohio should look no further than LWS.

We Make Taxes Easy, Fun and Affordable

At LWS, we have a team of accountants who not only know the tax code inside and out, but they actually enjoy being surrounded by numbers and paperwork, too. Taxes can be a pain, but our certified accountants enjoy finding ways to save businesses and families money at every turn.

It’s a chore, and we’re more than happy to do it for you. So contact LWS if you need tax preparation in Dayton, Ohio or tax preparation in Springfield, Ohio.