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When Can I Start My 2017 Taxes?

Many people wait as late as possible to file their taxes. In fact, they might get an extension so that they can file them at a later date. In some cases, an extension can be a necessary measure due to a variety of circumstances.

But often, it’s simply an act of delaying the inevitable.

Since you have to do your taxes anyway, why not get an early start on them?

How Early Can You File Your Taxes?

While some might be wanting to send their taxes in as soon as the new year hits, that’s not how it works. Officially, you can’t file your taxes until January 26, 2018. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to get them started.

You don’t even have to wait until the new year to get your taxes started.

When Can I Start My Taxes?

Right now. Sort of. Depending on your situation.

If you’re a regular employee waiting on your W2, and you don’t really have anything else to put together for taxes, you have to wait. Your employer doesn’t have to get your W-2 to you until the end of January.

For the business owner, contractor, or sole proprietor, however, you can take a more active approach to your taxes. Start compiling expenses and receipts. Make sure you have records of every thing. Make some last minute purchases to get some additional tax deductions.

And if you really want to make sure you’re in good shape, you can meet with a tax professional ahead of time. For your tax preparation needs in Springfield, Ohio, whether it’s this year or next, LWS is here. Contact us today.

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